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Who We Are. What We Do.

We are Jeremy and Jessica, co-owners of Wallflower, established in 2019.  

                   Our Story: 

A close friend of ours was getting married and had mentioned she would love to have a flower wall at her wedding.  After searching the area for a company to utilize with no luck, we realized Louisville needed us!  

We are both creative, visual artists and knew this would be such a fulfilling business for us.  We put our visionary minds, hearts, and souls into research, methods, and experimentation to execute the best approach to fulfill our services, which has grown to be Wallflower.

This past year brought many challenges with it, but it also has driven us to be more innovative and imaginative.   We are eager to learn, discover, and create new ideas we can bring to our community.  

We are so humbled by all of our clients we have been able to work with and all of the experiences this journey has brought us.  We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to share a part in these special moments. 

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