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Wallflower is a flower wall and photo booth rental company, providing luxurious and entertaining experiences to Louisville, KY and surrounding areas.  Our flower walls establish a grand focal point at your event and generate endless photo opportunities.  Our unique, minimalistic photo booth captures these moments, while  providing the most on-trend features.  Combine the two and complete a modern, fresh, look at your event.

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Choose from a variety of flower walls or customize your own to match your theme or color scheme.  We would love to work together to create your vision.

We offer a sleek, modern, and minimalistic photo booth that also serves as a social media sharing station.  There are SO many features!  Check them all out & reach out with any questions.

Combine your choice of flower wall with our free-standing photo booth to give your guests an exceptional experience!  Who can forget an event with a lux flower wall AND photo booth?  

Your ideas combined with our expertise and artistic eye, work hand-in-hand to create the perfect vision for your event.  Each stem is placed individually versus using floral matting.  This makes a huge difference in our process and it definitely shows in the presentation.

We provide a space for beauty, laughter, and friendship.  Our products and service becomes an area of congregation and creates a gorgeous photo opportunity for your guests.  We are an Open to All business and are dedicated to serving our community!


We are available to chat via phone, text, social media @wallflowerus, in-person, or via the contact form found on our site.  Whatever is best for you, is best for us.  Always feel free to reach out with any questions, thoughts, or visions.  

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